Animal Shelter

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I. Events

    A. Shelter opened by current operators without proper land use permit.

    B. Neighbors file complaints regarding the incessant barker of the dogs. No official inspection was performed because the use not authorized. Complaints were brought to the attention of Commissioners and P & Z Administrator. Investigation initiated.

    C. Matter was referred to County Counselor for action.

    D. Letter was sent to operator by County Counselor advising of violation and what action was possible if violations were not remedied within two weeks. Remediation included ceasing operations and removing animals from site.

    E. Phone calls were made by operator to various County officials to include County Counselor.

    F. Media campaign initiated by operator to include Facebook, emails and other forms of media.

    G. County officials answer and return calls with a consistent manage pointing out that violations had to be remedied and the same process used by the County in all land use matters had to be followed. At no time did any County official order, direct or even suggest that animals be euthanized.

    H. County Counselor and Presiding Commissioner discuss next steps. Presiding Commissioner briefs Associate Commissioners.

Next Steps

    A. Commission will have County Counselor send another letter to owner/operator advising that the first action required is to bring the land into compliance with current Zoning Order. This will require that all animals other than personal pets be removed from the premises.

   B. If the operator wants cooperation from the County the operator must immediately submit to the County Commission a written plan as to how the animals will be removed from the site and handled. If the operator elects to proceed in this manner the plan must be submitted within two weeks in lieu of having animals removed within two weeks. The County will work with the operator to bring the land into compliance if the operator cooperates and meets all agreed upon deadlines.

    C. Once the conditions have been remediate and all violations cured the operator will be able to make any request desired regarding land use. The Commission will work in good faith to establish deadlines working initially to the objective of eliminating all violations.