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JOB TITLE:                    Road and Bridge Employee
DEPARTMENT:             Road and Bridge

Performs a variety of semi-skilled and skilled functions associated with the operation of heavy equipment relating to maintenance and construction of roads within the County. Also performs other related road maintenance functions either manually or with a variety of hand tools. May also provide training to newer employees.

Works under the general direction of the Road Foreman/Supervisor for the County.

May provide training to other Employees.

The following duty statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not
include other non essential or marginal duties that may be required, The County reserves the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of this job at any time.

Operates various pieces of the heavy highway construction and maintenance equipment, such as graders, front end loader, chip spreaders, trucks including tractor and low boy trailers, tractor
with mounted rotary mower, excavator, backhoe, bulldozer, tandem axle and dump truck with snowplow.

Performs manual labor duties requiring the use of hand tools such as shovels, picks, axes, saws, power drills, post hole diggers, and up to 80 lb. jack hammer.

Performs preparation and patching of damaged roadway areas with asphalt including shoveling, and raking of the asphalt. Controls traffic at work site by flagging and/or placing barricades. Also performs other manual labor duties such as cutting weeds, push mowers, weed eaters, etc.

Performs manual patching of road surfaces using various tools and heavy equipment. Cleans and
installs culverts, drainage structures and bridges. Completes tasks in support of road and bridge
maintenance to include sign repair, carpentry work, fence installation, jack hammering, power tampering, painting, erosions control and drainage, tree trimming, yard maintenance and weed control. Helps in cleaning of all shop and building areas and aids shop mechanic when possible. Shop mechanic repairs equipment as needed including some type of welding and fabrication.

Removes snow from roads and other public thoroughfares: spreads salt or sand onto the roadway with tandem axle truck.

Checks and maintains proper fluid levels and air pressures of equipment.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge of road construction methods, materials and specifications; knowledge of the operation and maintenance of all assigned equipment.

Knowledge of safety rules, regulations and practices.

Equipment operators must have the ability to read and may be required to interpret grade stakes. Ability to perform strenuous manual labor for extended periods of time.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions and to communicate effectively with assigned personnel; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, other employees, and the general public.

As determined by the Board of County Commissioners.

Equivalent combination of education and experience that satisfy the requirements of the job.

Possession of a Missouri CDL. Class “A” driver’s license.

Contacts are with supervisors and other employees, occasional citizen contact. Attitude and teamwork are important skills that are a necessary attribute. Employees are viewed on interpersonal skills as well as physical skills.

Position requires exposure to all weather conditions, high noise levels, dust, fumes, and other road traffic conditions. Shift work for snowstorms may require extended hours.

May be asked from time to time to work unusual or additional hours, weekends and holidays.

All employees must provide their own outer wear for extreme weather conditions including gloves, safety boots, coveralls, hats, etc. The County shall furnish uniforms, hardhats, safety vest and ear protection.

The following is a composite description of the physical requirements of a Road and Bridge Employee.

Occasionally: 1% -33% of the day
Frequently: 34% -66% of the day
Continuously 67% -100% of the day


  1. STANDING/WALKING: Up to 2-3 hours continuously; up to 8-12 hours total per day. (e.g., fabricating signs, laying asphalt, flagging, operating equipment, operating hand tools, etc.).
  2. SITTING: Up to 1-2 hours continuously; up to 8-12 hours total per day. (e.g., operating equipment, driving truck, placing / retrieving cones on paint crew, snow plowing, etc.).
    A. Range Weight Frequency
    Floor to Knuckle Up to 80 lbs Occasionally Examples:
    Changing grader blades (80 lbs); wood concrete forms (80 lbs); jackhammer with bit (up to 80 lbs).
    B. Range Weight Frequency
    Knuckle to Shoulder Up to 65 lbs Occasionally
    Box of signs (65 lbs.), ramp on trucks (65 lbs.).
  4. CARRYING: Up to 80 lbs, occasionally (e.g., wood concrete forms (80 lbs), jackhammer with bit (80 lbs).
  5. PUSHING/PULLING: Up to 100 lbs. of force, occasionally (e.g. on sign posts; raking asphalt, push / pull on sign posts to straighten or loosen from ground).
    Up to 50-100 lbs of force, occasionally to frequently. (E.g. swinging crane boom, opening hood of equipment, etc.)
  6. SQUATTING / KNEELING: Frequently -continuously; up to 30-60minutes continuously; up to 6-8 hours total per day. (E.g. setting concrete forms, finishing asphalt, setting culverts).
  7. BALANCE: Must be able to move about safely unassisted on uneven outdoor surfaces in all weather conditions while avoiding moving heavy equipment.
    A. Horizontally: Frequently to continuously; up to 1-2 hours continuously; up to 6.8 hours total per day. (E.g. setting concrete forms, finishing concrete, shoveling, etc.).
    B. Vertically: Occasionally. (E.g. to reach high shelves/top rack of trucks, enter/exit heavy equipment, etc.).
  9. TRUNK ROTATION: Frequently (e.g. finishing asphalt, shoveling, raking, tree trimming, sign installation, setting culverts, etc.).
  10. FORWARD BENDING: Frequently to continuously; up to 30-60 minutes continuously; up to 6-8 total hours per day. (E.g. finishing asphalt, shoveling, raking, tree trimming, sign installation, setting culverts, etc.).
  11. GRASPING/HANDLING: Continuously, with both hands. (E.g. driving vehicles, operating equipment, using tools, using hand saw, finishing concrete, etc.).
  12. CLIMBING: Occasionally, steps up to 18-30″ apart. (E.g. climbing into the bed of truck; climbing into cab of truck / other equipment).
  13. SHOVELING: Frequently to continuously. (E.g. moving asphalt/gravel/wet cement).
  14. RAKING: Frequently to continuously. (E.g. moving asphalt/gravel/wet cement).
  15. ORAL, AUDITORY AND VISUAL: Oral and auditory capacity enabling interpersonal communication as well as communication through automated devices such as the telephone and radio. Eye, hand, and finger coordination enabling the operating of all machinery. Visual capacity enabling the safe operation of County equipment and trucks.

Job Title: Voter Registration Clerk
Department: County Clerk

Contact the County Clerk For Details at (636) 456-3331