Medical Marijuana Approved in Missouri

The voters in the State of Missouri recently overwhelmingly approved
the use of Medical Marijuana in the State of Missouri . The Missouri
Department of Health and Senior Services is in the process of
finalizing the regulations which will govern the cultivation,
manufacturing and dispensing of Medical Marijuana and Medical
Marijuana products. The Applications for the various licenses will
start being officially accepted by the State on June 4, 2019.

In view of the mandate by the people of the State of Missouri and the
regulations adopted or to be adopted by the State, it is mandatory
that the Warren County Commission adopt appropriate zoning regulations
in order to regulate where the various functions of the Medical
Marijuana business can be performed. The County Commission will be
requesting that the County Planning & Zoning Commission recommend the
amendment of the Zoning Code to provide for the following:

1. Dispensaries: Permitted use in C-! and C-2.
2. Manufacturing: Conditional use in I-1 and I-2.
3. Testing: Conditional use in I-1 and I-2.
4. Cultivation: Conditional use in Ag

The amendment of the P & Z Code will require a public hearing before
the County Commission.

Mark S Vincent